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National President Message & Prayer Schedule - by the National Prayer Coordinator (Read both below).



January 10, 2019

Dear Aglow family,

I pray that you all experience a happy New year filled with the blessings and favour of God in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

1.As you are aware, we always begin our yearly programme and activity with prayer and fasting. This year our prayer and fasting will start on  Thursday the 17th of January and continue till Thursday the 24th of January 2019.

Details of the prayer schedule for each day will soon be communicated to you by the National Prayer Coordinator - Sis Ijeoma.

Matt 17:21.  So He 

  said unto them,"This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting".

2.This year annual Retreat will hold from the 7-9th

 February 2019. 

Please ensure that your Advisors are involved in the preparation of and for the retreat on Evangelism and soul - winning.

Matthew 28 verse 19: Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations-

Proverbs 11:30a. He who  wins soul is wise.

A prayer link has been created on

Visit it for regular updates

Remember our theme for the year. It's on our WhatsApp profile as well as on our website.

Thanks for your


God bless you in Jesus Name. Amen.

Be Aglow

Bisi Adeluyi

National President

Aglow international


From the National Prayer Coordinator- Mrs Ijeoma Anagbogu



FOCUS: Adoration to our God
i) Using these two Scriptures Ps.95:6, 96:9, praise and worship God for a New Year
ii) Let's reverence God, Stand in awe of him, Fear Him for God is great.
Raise songs of worship unto the Lord.
iii) Open your mouth to declare the goodness of the Lord in your Life, family and Aglow in 2018. Continue in worship for this our God whose deep love for us, has brought us thus far.
iv) Read Ex.15:1-7. Worship God for all your victories in 2018 and declare that there shall be no loss in this year of 2019
v) Pray that this schedule of an eight day prayer shall be fruitful.

DAY 2, JAN.18th
FOCUS: Confessions & Prayers for Sanctification.
i) Meditate on Ps.51 & Pray from the verses in the Chapter.
ii) Confess every known sin in your own life, 'For he that covereth his sin shall not prosper' (Pr. 28:13)
iii) Read 1 Th.4:3 & 5:23. Pray for your sanctification, pray that all Aglow sisters shall have a focus of a Sanctified life in 2019 and beyond.
iv) Using 1Co.3:11& 1P. 2:1-3,  
pray for a total spiritual insight for your life. 

Texts:Ps 95:1-2 & 100
i) Meditate on these texts.
Thank God for His faithfulness & loving kindness.

ii) Bless God for your own family, friends, Aglow families & the Church in Nigeria. 
iii) Thank God for the leadership of Aglow International, National & Local Boards. 
Pray that we shall not suffer any loss of lives in 2019 & that we all shall together celebrate the end of this year by His grace.
iv) Meditate on Job 22:27-28 & Ps.81:10
Declare 2019 a year of:
i) Divine Wisdom using Pr. 3:5-7 & Mt. 7:24
v) Thank God and raise any other prayer as the Spirit leads you. 

FOCUS: Supplications
Read:Ph.4:6-7, Col.4:2 and 1P.5:7.
Using the above Scriptures, 
i) Pray for Aglow Nigeria
ii) Pray for our National President and her Board Members, All Area Boards, Local Boards' Leadership&their Members. Ask God to keep the Aglow Leadership as one firm body and filled with His wisdom.
iii) Pray that the Aglow Leadership shall be aligned with God's thought for Aglow
iv) Pray for a divine increase in Aglow using Is.54:2 & Ps.115:14-15
v) Declare 2019 a year of His Refreshing for all Aglow families using Ps.23:2
Thank God for all answered prayers & you could raise any other prayer burdens in your own locations.

FOCUS: Aglow Programmes.
i)Pray for the 2019 Retreat slated for February 7th-9th
ii) pray that all the Area Boards shall work in concord with their Advisors&their Local Boards so as to ensure the realization of a very fruitful 2019 Retreat
iii) Pray for the Holy Spirit to have his way during the Retreat.
iv) Pray that each Area of Aglow Nigeria shall expand & multiply in Chapters by His grace & divine direction in 2019.
iv) Pray for all the Regional Conventions that shall hold this year. Declare that no zone shall select to operate without the help of God so that Aglow shall really move forward this year. 
Thank God for His help and pray that He shall see us all to the successful end of this programme.

FOCUS: Nigeria,Elections,Church& Families. 
Take a short exhortation from 1Ti.2:1-4 and pray for the following. 
i) All those in authority in Aglow, the Church, the different Nigerian government's institutions and our families. 
ii) Using Mt.26:31, pray that God shall build a wall of fire around our National President, the entire Aglow leadership & that Aglow Nigeria shall not be scattered but shall instead grow in leaps and in bounds.
iii) Pray for the leadership in the local churches and in the local governments in Nigeria. Ask God to disappoint all the selfish and greedy leaders but to instead prosper those that shall agree to work with Him.
iv) Pray that all the false leaders shall be displaced by God and  unable to perpetuate themselves. 
v) Pray fervently for the leadership in your own family, asking God to refill them with His wisdom, prosper them in all their Godly engagements and grant them grace to be grounded  in their faith
vi) pray for a peaceful conduct of electioneering campaign & elections. Pray that during & after the elections, that there won't be any loss of lives.

Read. 2Ch.7v.14,Ps.91v.15,Jr.33v. 3,Lk.11v.9&Jn.15v.7
I) Discuss these Scriptures & provide a window for the women to present their individual needs to the Lord in fervent prayers
I) using Daddy Adeluyi as a point of contact, present all the Aglow husbands who fervently labour with their wives in cash&in kind to support the Aglow ministry for God to richly reward them
iii) pray for the financial increase in Aglow Nigeria resources so that there would be an abundance to match the ministry's goals

Read: Is65v. 24&1Jn.5v.14-15
i)Meditate on the provided Scriptures in order to build up your faith that God answers prayers that agree with His Word
ii) spend 15 minutes in high praise & worship in expression of a peculiar gratitude to Him for a successful Retreat with God with uncommon Testimonies following
iii) organize for a period to undertake a worthy offering in appreciation of this His intervention in our lives & the Aglow ministry. Note that 10% of all the takings on this 8th day shall be managed by the Area Presidents in each Area so that the due amounts shall within 7 days be remitted to the Aglow National coffers. This assistance would enable  Aglow Nigeria to be run more efficiently to His glory


Please note,All Area prayer coordinators to please disseminate the information to all AGLOW chapters in their zone.Break the prayer points into four weeks.

Other prayer points according to the specific needs of the zone and the chapters should be put in to consideration.

*1* Prayer for the leadership of Nigeria at all levels; Pray Against Economical, political and religious contentions. Ask God to have his way in all of them.

Pray for God's mercy over all areas of crisis e.g. Kaduna,Jos,Emuoha in Rivers State ,shiite crisis etc.

Pray for the forthcoming Presidential, National Assembly and Gubernational election of 2019.

Pray that God should intervene in the unemployment of youths and many that have lost their jobs.

*2* *Pray for the body of Christ.*

Ask God to sanitize his church and bring his glory back.

Pray for the leadership of the churches,that the Spirit of Jesus Christ shall lead them as they lead God's people.

Come against the influence of greed,love for money, Anti-christ practices, disunity.

Pray that God will bless his church with understanding, Focus and Alignment with Heaven's Agenda.

*3* Pray for AGLOW international and AGLOW Nigeria.

Let us uplift the leadership of Aglow into the hands of God for Divine direction.

Let's pray for our national president and her Team, may we pray for their families: Decree that they will suffer no loss and they will increase in Grace, Favour, wisdom, understanding as they direct the affairs of Aglow Nigeria.

Declare A 3 day prayer and fasting meeting to focus on the following;

a) A glorious Rounding up of 2018

b) No record of untimely death by any method e.g Accident, Violence, Sickness etc.

c) That every Aglow sister will bring a soul to the kingdom this month.

N/B; Reawakening the Spirit of Soul winning.

d) Pray for the spread of Aglow in your zone in 2019.