Bible Study Topic: effective soul winning/evangelism

by Sis Grace Samuel, National Vice President Leadership and Training

 Bible Passage:Mark 16:15-16

Memory verse "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life;and he that winneth souls is wise.


Jesus Christ told his disciples that they would be his witnesses to the ends of the Earth(Acts2:8)and to " go make disciples of all nations"(Matt:28 :19),which is the essence of winning souls.Believers especially Aglow Members need to understand it is not just preaching the gospel,but more so  about winning souls and ensuring that the fruits abide.This is usually called fruitful evangelism.Effective soul winning is not just about telling but winning them.John 15:8

Text Review:Mark16:15-16.

The following key words could be extracted from the ultimate and final instructions and assignment to the believers before the Lord Jesus returned to heaven

1 Go verse15 Every born again should respond to the unconditional command.Age or year of salvation wasn't part of the command.Go without fear,food and friend.

2 All the world v15 "All the world" means all nations, countries, cities,towns ,villages, settlements etc.

3 Preach the gospel v15:", Preach" here means speaking about Jesus, teaching his commandment (Matt 28:19) baptizing them in the name of the father,son and the Holy ghost,teach the doctrine of Jesus as presented by the Apostles and as revealed by the Holy spirit.1Cor.2:10-12

4 Every creature v15: all race,tribes, languages, people, culture, personality,bond,free,rich, poor, strong,weak,male, female,adult, children, etc

5  The benefit of accepting the gospel is eternal life through salvation v16

6 The consequences of rejecting the gospel is second death through damnation.


 The following guidelines will enable believers to be effective in soul Winning.

1 Maintain a strong personal relationship with God by praying and meditating on the word of God. James 4:8a; 2Tim 2:15

2 Stand out and be peculiar, don't join the world's pattern of life.You cannot be part of the perversion of values and priorities. Rom12:2,James4:4;2Cor6:17;1Peter2:9

3 Put your gift, talents and resources into Effective use for God.Be result oriented.Prove that your God is a God of success not failure. 1Tim4:14-15

4 Be relevant.Solve the problems of others. Conceive your dreams and interpret the dream of others.Be creative with your gift, talents and knowledge for helping mankind. Matt.5:16

5 Speak boldly to others about Jesus and their need to be saved 2Tim 1:7-8

Question 1 How do you intend to grow your fellowship (Aglow) as an effective soul winner.


Soul Winners stand to gain the following benefits to self and God's Kingdom.

1 Divine beautification Daniel 12:3

2  Divine Presence Matt.28:20b

3 Answered prayers John 15:16

4  Soul winners are always celebrated and will always be celebrating here and beyond because they bring joy to God's presence always. Luke10:1, 17;15:7

5  Rewards in heaven Matt. 19:27, 29

6  Manifestation of spiritual gifts and protection Mark 16:15-18

7 Eternal life Luke 10:20

Question 2  

What are the dangers of not Winning souls

Question 3

What are the dangers of not  growing 

Aglow Fellowship for the kingdom of God?

Question 4

Identify methods by which souls won in Aglow fellowship can be preserved?

Summary: Believers must be effective soul winners to enjoy divine benefits.

Closing Prayer: Father, use me to attract numerous souls to your kingdom.